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SSC Global Investigations | SSC Investigations is a Corporate Investigations and Industrial Investigations firm in Johannesburg, South Africa
We are a Corporate Investigations and Industrial Investigations firm in South Africa with a global reach. Find out what your employees are up to.
Corporate Investigations
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SSC Investigations is a Johannesburg based corporate investigations firm that supplies accurate and effective intelligence on businesses and individuals, anywhere in Africa with a global networking footprint extending the Americas, Europe, the middle and far East.

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Corporate, Industrial Investigations & Forensic Auditing Services

SSC Investigations specialises in a complete range of Corporate Investigations, Industrial Investigations and Forensic Auditing services.

Investigative Services for Litigation Support

SSC Investigations work with legal teams to research and source data, information or intelligence to support civil and/or criminal litigation procedures.

Social Media Investigations using Open Source Information

Social Media Investigations can be used as background investigation, to assess risks of new hires or as supplementary evidence.

General Investigative Services Available

SSC Investigations specialises in corporate investigations, but also offer other general investigative services including Locating Missing Persons and Integrity & Lie Detection Testing.

Our Companies

SSC Corporate & Industrial Investigations forms part of the SSC Legacy group of companies.

SSC Legacy

Established in 1962 – SSC Legacy Group of Companies is South Africa’s oldest privately owned and managed Security, Corporate Investigations and training Consultancy.

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SSC Security

SSC Security is part of the SSC Legacy group and manages on and offsite Control Rooms, offers security audits and solutions as well as independent security management solutions.

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SSC Equity Training

SSC Equity Training is partly owned by an NGO, Child Survivors of Crime. Book training for staff including H.E.A.T, Personal Safety & Security and Hijack Prevention.

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