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SSC Global Investigations | Corporate Investigations & Intelligence
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Corporate Investigations & Intelligence

We offer Corporate Investigative services to reduce business risks, commercial crimes and corporate espionage.

  • Due Diligence – Acquiring a new business or business partner? A due diligence investigation can help you make an informed decision before entering into a business transaction. Due diligence investigations include background checks, social media investigations, competitive business intelligence and more.
  • Political Risk Assessment – Understand the political risks to your business – from corporate governance requirements and corruption levels in Sub Saharan countries to what it means for trade within and outside a country’s borders.
  • Corporate Structure / Ownership / Antecedents – SSC provides in date statutory information relating to current and historical ownerships of businesses together with Group level status e.g. subsidiary or associate and positive or negative inter related relationships with other businesses.
  • Recruitment Support & Employee Screenings – SSC Investigations provides personnel screening – at staff, management and executive levels – for a wide array of purposes e.g. integrity, promotion, employment, partnership. SSC also provides life style audits where it is suspected that an employee is living beyond his/her means and misconduct or potential performance failure is suspected or anticipated.
    • Pre-employment screenings
      • Qualification checks
      • Criminal record verification
      • Background checks
      • Social media investigations lifestyle audits
    • Employee lifestyle audits
      Employee living beyond their means – and you have your suspicions? Our corporate investigators will do a lifestyle audit that includes a social media investigation.
    • Management and executive lifestyle audits

To find out more about our Corporate Investigations & Intelligence services contact Howard on +27 82 449 0317 or