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SSC Global Investigations | Integrity & Lie Detection Testing
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Integrity & Lie Detection Testing

SSC Corporate Investigations provides integrity testing services that uses the same methods we use to screen our own agents and operators.

Why use voice stress analysis?

  • Voice stress analysis has several advantages over the original polygraph method and is currently used as a truth verification method in over 40 countries
  • No discomfort from attachments to the bodies
  • Reactions are instantaneous, so the normal questioning speed can be used
  • The subject is not limited to yes or no answers
  • Voices are complex instruments that express a multifaceted range of emotional and cognitive states of mind
  • Voices can be gathered and analysed over the phone, through recordings or from face-to-face interviews
  • Our investigators use highly advanced computerized software in the analysis of the speech flow and can distinguish between nonverbal emotional, cognitive and stressful elements within the voice to achieve a high level of testing accuracy
  • Our technology enables our investigator to pinpoint the cause of stress and know whether it is caused by a lie, excitement, an exaggeration or cognitive conflict

Voice stress analysis is a highly effective tool when dealing with the following issues

  • Detection of deception, theft or fraud
  • Analysis of recorded interviews
  • Pre-employment and periodic screening
  • Specific incident testing
  • Infidelity
  • Security clearances
  • Employee/company vetting

To find out more about our Integrity & Lie Detection Testing services contact Howard on +27 82 449 0317 or