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SSC Global Investigations | Social Media Investigations (Open Source Intelligence Investigations)
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Social Media Investigations (Open Source Intelligence Investigations)

Social Media Investigations can be used as background investigation, to assess risks of new hires and management or as supplementary evidence.

These OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE investigation (OSINT) are conducted by trained cyber investigations specialists. Their methodology begins with an initial scan of the internet, interrogating platform such as blogs, discussion groups, citizen media like cell phone videos, user created content, YouTube, and other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Once a viable footprint has been established the subject’s content can be monitored on an ongoing basis. This allows our cyber agents to keep close tabs on the daily activities of the subject giving crucial intelligence that will aid the investigative process.

A Social Media Investigation is recommended for:

  • Lifestyle audits
  • Pre-employment and periodic screening
  • Due diligence checks on potential business partners